Her Smile

There was a time when my daughters’ hair resembled mine.  When they were younger, it was thinner.

Then they kept growing.  Somehow their hair did too.

I don’t know what to do with super thick hair.  I’ve never had that.  I have thin, fine hair.  I always have.  And I am generally a cold person.  So what do I know about helping my daughter who is naturally always hot, and has super thick hair?  Nothing.  I know nothing.

I tried.  I truly did try my best.  I cut it shorter.  I tried to thin it.  I am not a hair stylist.  I have one daughter with thick hair who keeps her hair longer.  She is also a naturally colder person like me, so she comes with a built-in scarf! 🙂  Her hair being thick can be bothersome to her.  But she doesn’t mind the upkeep on the long, thick hair.

My warm daughter is not in the same boat.  She has not liked her hair off and on for years.  We decided to let her add some color this year.  And she liked it a little more.  Then she found a picture online that she loved!  The picture had curly hair.  I bought a small curling iron and we tried it out.  She liked it!  But, her hair was already too short for a perm.  So she’s been waiting.

And waiting.  And waiting for her hair to grow long enough for a perm.  Finally today was the day!

And after all this time, she loves it!!  She loves the color.  She loves the cut.  She loves the curls.  She loves it all!

Tonight I am thankful for the smile on my girl’s face today when we got in the car and she was looking at herself in the mirror.  It makes my heart happy ❤

P.S.  She doesn’t like her picture being out on the internet too much.  So here is her hair 🙂



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