Fast App

I would never say that one way of eating is best for all people.  The more I have tried different things and paid attention; it becomes clear that everyone’s body is different and needs different things.

My body, for example, works better when I eat lower carb.  But my body works much, much better when I fast intermittently.  I am finding that it is much harder to do when the kiddos are home for the summer.  They eat such yummy smelling foods!  And for most of the summer so far, I have not actively worked on my will power at all.

This week I was starting new again!  It seemed silly to me, to download an app to keep track of time.  But I saw people talking about LIFE Fasting.  So I downloaded it on my phone last weekend.  I do like it.  There is something to visually seeing a goal!

Tonight I am thankful for a week (well, not a whole week yet, but almost!) of staying intentional about doing things that are good for my body!  At least in the food regard.  My number of sleep hours this week could be better.  But I’ll take the wins for the fasting and be happy 🙂

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