We made it to the fair today!  I do enjoy the games 🙂  I budget just for spending money for the games!

And I do love llamas and alpacas.  So imagine my delight when I saw a giant, rainbow alpaca hanging from a game!  I tried to win him!  I really did!  But after too much money spent, I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to win.  I tried to be rational.  Like, what would I actually do with a giant stuffed animal like that?  When we have won those in the past, they are the kids’.  This one would be mine.  And what would I do with it?

I accepted my fate and moved on.

In that time, the hubster and one son stopped to watch the tractor pulls.  I took the rest of the kiddos for more rides.  We met up a little while later and guess what the hubster had won for me?!?!?  The giant, rainbow alpaca!!!

It looks like he wants to work for me!  (P.S. Excuse the messy office, I’m rearranging things this weekend!)

Tonight I am thankful for my very own giant, rainbow, stuffed alpaca!!!  What will I do with him?  Well, nothing super practical!  But I have a few ideas 😉


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