It’s always a good day when you feel useful!

Some time ago I replaced our home’s garbage disposal.  I followed all the steps on the instructions and was quite irritated to find that I truly only needed to follow maybe 4 of them.  The instructions had me undo where the disposal was held on to the sink from the old hardware of the old disposal; only to put in the exact same hardware, but new, from the new disposal.  In my opinion, it was a waste of time and energy.

So, when my parents needed their garbage disposal replaced and got a quote of $350; I was quick to volunteer.  They were replacing with the exact same model.  The hubster was there to help too . . . in case I needed back up!  We did not follow the instructions, since I knew there was no real need for that.  I wish I would have timed the replacement!  It was quick!

Tonight I am thankful for being helpful to my parents!!  They have a working garbage disposal and I get to brag 🙂  What a good day!

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