Do Not Despise

I heard something today that I really liked, “Do not despise humble beginnings”.

That is so perfect.

I started my appraisal business all those years ago to be able to stay home with the kiddos.  Do you want to know a good way to succeed in business?  Do not allow yourself to fail.  That was it.  I had tried several things (that just weren’t right), to be able to stay home.  Staying home with my babies was the most important thing to me.  So I had no room to fail.  With that mindset, I learned things and endured things that I would not normally have done.  I grew as a person and as a professional.  I was often uncomfortable; as is customary with growing.  And the result was myself having new skills and mindsets.

I had an office in the closet of the living room, so I could be working while the kids were playing.  I had clients who heard my babies babble in the background.  I had my last two babies, came home from the hospital, and finished reports.  My clients had no idea I’d just had babies.  The “why” of my business was so great, my babies, me being with my babies; there was simply no margin for failure.

I’ve always enjoyed houses.  Appraising houses is not the most personally rewarding profession.  It keeps my “nerd” side very happy with the numbers and the reports.  But my “heart” side wanted more.  My babies were growing.  So I started my real estate brokerage to be able to help people.  The “why” of this business is different.  It is also very important.  I’ve messed up.  Countless times.  Cringe-worthy times.  But I’ve learned and grown here too.  I still have a lot of room to improve, but that’s part of the great thing about this.  The “why” always keeps us moving forward and learning to be better.

I knew this year in particular would be a year of transitioning.  I no longer work out of a closet in the living room.  I no longer make quite so many mistakes.  But I work . . a lot . . too much . . . I’ve worked on how to say no.  And it’s just hard.  My “why”s are still here.  They are still staring at me.  Being home with the kiddos?  While they don’t need me physically in front of them every minute, they still need me available.  Helping people?  Absolutely yes, I spend time circling around as I want to make the best plans to help.  But I am finite.  And this limited fact of me, has been exhausting me.

I thought maybe this year would be about reigning things in.  But it’s not.  I’ve tried a couple different time to reign things in to get more time back.  But that’s not working.  And it just doesn’t seem to be my path.  I’ve been praying.  A lot.  And I think this year is more about letting things run; rather than reigning them in!  I have done so much of both businesses by myself for so many years . . fourteen years to be exact.  There comes a time in business where you either learn to let go (with a good plan of course) or you stop growing.  I’m learning to let go.  It’s hard.  I’m not the most detailed teacher.  But it’s time to get better at this now.  This feels right.  It is still very much a process that I am on the cusp of.  But, this is the path.

Tonight I am thankful that I do not despise the humble beginnings of either of my companies.  I see God’s hand in both of them, as they’ve grown and developed.  I pray often to not get in the way of God’s plan for these endeavours.  And I am thankful for “why”s in business that are so great, that I am constantly having to learn to be more than I am to keep up!

Don’t mind me over here.  I’m focusing on appreciating the humble beginnings, staring at my “why”s, and coming up with better plans to move forward.


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