Tonight I felt like both a masterful save-of-time, and a masterful lazy-dinner-cooker.  Within a matter of  minutes I ordered some groceries with the Shipt Shopper and a pizza from Hungry Howies.

Shipt Shopper – this is a positive thing.  We only needed a few things.  If I had went to the store, I would have filled a cart up . . that’s just how I roll in the grocery store.  So although I pay a little more for some items thru Shipt; it really does save money fighting my own shopping tendancies.  Groceries arrived, and I got some work done while the groceries were shopped for.  Total win for the evening!

Hungry Howies – hmmm . . well not budget friendly.  There was totally food here in this house that could have been made for dinner.  I did not feel like making it.  Pizza sounded good.  And there are wonderful people who bring it right to me!!  That all is positive!  It went a little outside the weekly budget for this week.  And it certainly would have be more cost effective to make something else or even drive and get the pizza myself.  But hey, sometimes it’s just a little nicer to call it in!

Tonight I am thankful for the wonderful people who brought food to my house tonight!  They were here within about a half hour of each other!  And they made my night a lot easier!

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