I have heard at least twice this week that real estate deals were not going thru because of the appraiser.  Remember, I am both a licensed real estate Associate Broker and Certified Residential Appraiser.

I enjoy appraising homes.  And I enjoy selling homes.  Appraising keeps my inner nerd happy.  Helping people buy and sell keeps my heart happy.

My nerd (appraising) side got irritated this week!  In one of these instances, I had been specifically telling my client what I needed since MAY!!!  May!  Since May!  And now this week there was a woman in tears and all upset thinking I can’t do my job because I can only talk to my client – who is not the bank, and not the buyer of the home getting the mortgage, but is a third party in the transaction.  By the time what I actually need to be provided gets told to the person that can get it for me, it’s all messed up.

The second instance was very similar, but only about a week behind, not months.  Fortunately for the happy ending of these stories, I was not doing well this week and no longer cared about the bureaucratic bull; so I called people I’m not really supposed to call.  In doing so, I could very well lose clients.  Bleh.   I’ve never been much for bureaucratic rules anyway.

Tonight I am thankful that (so far) no one has sued me!  I haven’t lost any clients this week (that I know of).  And people’s home mortgages can keep moving along.

P.S.  Please also take this as a public service announcement that it is easy to blame a person who can’t talk to everyone!!!  But, that doesn’t make the blaming true.

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