Let Her Stay

Growing up is rough.  Middle school is tough.

Today was already going to be a difficult day for my kiddo.  Add in a trip to the orthodontist with a new assistant who was a little rough on her mouth.  It was the Monday to threaten all Mondays!

I didn’t make her go back to school.  She very well could have.  Her mouth hurt, but I gave her ibuprofen.  There was drama at school, but it will be there tomorrow.  She could have went back.

But I let her stay home.  Why?

I want the kiddos to know that taking some time to re-center is good.  I want the kiddos to be warriors of life!  Warriors know how to rest.  Home is safe.  And sometimes when fighting life stuff is rough, it is good to stop and rest at a nice, safe place.

Tonight I am thankful that schoolwork can be caught up tomorrow.  And I am thankful that my child’s peace of mind got a little more caught up today.

(PS her mouth is still sore.  I bought pudding 🙂 !)

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