I could have sworn that I had ordered additional paper for our publication, Dansville Days.  It was a few weeks ago during my worse health-days. I could have sworn I ordered it though!

But I had not.

This caused a problem when we had to print for the first of the month!  😦

I hopped online and ordered more paper.  It is special paper.  I can’t just run to the store to get some.  The website said it would be here by Monday.  *sigh*  Ok, we’d just have to make do.

Today I was out at appointments.  I pulled in my driveway, and there was a paper box outside my door!!!  The paper had came early!!!  Hooray!!!  I quickly texted the other Dansville Days gal that we had paper!  She leaves tomorrow out of town, but she had a bit of time tonight to pass out papers!!  It was perfect!!  I started printing right away!!

Tonight I am thankful that the paper came so early!!  I think angels must have helped flown it here because things generally don’t get delivered several days early!  ❤

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