I am a professional mis-placer of most things small and important.  I am seriously good at it!  I should find a tournament or something.

This morning I had an appointment where I got to fly the company’s drone!  So exciting!  The drone needs it’s microSD card in it to keep the pictures that I would be taking.  Fortunately (Or unfortunately) I had kept the microSD in a “safe” place.  I was certain that I knew where I had put it!

I looked in my cabinet of drawers at least three times.  I looked in a few other places where it “could” be; but I knew it wasn’t actually there.  Finally I decided to take everything completely out of the drawers.  It had to have been in the drawers!  Finally, when I was about to give up all hop; I found it!!

Tonight I am thankful for finding the microSD card just in the nick of time before my morning appointment!  Drone was flown and pictures were taken with no issues!  Yay!


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