Alright, let’s go opposite of last night’s post!

Last night I had made a big dinner and ate too much.  Today I totally rocked my Intermittent Fasting!  Twenty Hours Baby!  Yay!!!

I am seriously so proud!  I haven’t been very consistent lately.  And I notice how much better my body feels when I can keep a good fasting spread in my day.  Then I see the yummy food . . . and well . . it’s a test of will power.  Some days it has nothing to do with will power and everything to do with habit.  Some days I find myself eating because the food is there, or because I normally get a snack with the kids after school, or some other reason that has nothing to do with the fact that my body actually needed food to operate.

Tonight I am thankful for doing good today with Intermittent Fasting!  Tomorrow should be a good day too!

P.S. I’ve also noticed that I’m hungrier during the day when I don’t sleep enough.  So, I’m off to bed!  Good Night all!

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