I remember the time I told him that I knew he was a good person.  He looked skeptical.  He’d been called a lot of things.  But, it was obvious that he didn’t consider himself to be a good person.

I told him it was 1998 when I knew.  The guy I was dating at the time lived in a house with several other guys.  They all knew who I was dating.  One of the guys flat out hit on me right within 10 feet of my boyfriend.  I saw looks from some of the others.  But, I knew he was a good guy when I stopped at the house one day.  I was 17 and on my way to go swimming in a bikini top and cut off shorts.  I thought my boyfriend was there.  But it was only him.  He was sitting there waiting for a ride.  And he would not look at me.  I was talking to him, asking if he knew where the boyfriend was.  I thought at least looking me in the eye would be polite.  But he wouldn’t look anywhere near me.  Why?  I was his buddy’s girl wearing a bikini top.  He wouldn’t look.

He wasn’t sure what to think of me for a long time.  I would bring him a drink if he was over and I was being polite.  But when he suggested I go get him one, I threatened to throw stuff at him . . . sometimes I actually did 😉   I hip tossed him in to a field once.  He agreed he had it coming 😉

Later he was the Bestman at my wedding when I married the boyfriend guy.  He had to give a speech.  He almost forgot the toast.  He recovered . . . but I’ve got a great video for life now 😉

He never swore in front of my kids.  And the man could swear!  But he wouldn’t do it in front of the kids.  And he shushed friends that swore in front of them.

He did try to smoke in my car . . . but that was just because he knew it irritated me.  Like a brother who does the “I’m not touching you” game.  He would smirk when he tried it.  And I’d threaten to push him out of a moving vehicle.  Like the sister of a brother who does the “I’m not touching you” game.  I only threaten to push people  out of moving vehicles if I really like them 😉

He fought his own demons.  We talked about it once.  He would never say it like I do, acknowledging fear or being scared.  But, as is common with a life lived with demons, life looked scary without them.

Tonight I am thankful for getting to know a man that we remembered today.  I went looking for a picture of him for this blog.  I have some pictures that are much more “him”.  This picture was from my wedding.  So he is all dressed up.  But, I picked this picture because I shared it on facebook about a year ago and he had commented on it.  And his comment circles around to what I always knew to be true of him.  At his heart, he was a good man.  He was a loyal friend who cherished those close to him.


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