This week kicked my butt.

Some weeks are like that.  There was lots of good stuff.  There was just so much stuff.  Almost too much.

This is when it is important to have a big “Why”.

Believe me, on weeks like this, there is a little part in my brain that reminds that the busy is all my fault.  I could say no.  I could do less.  I can’t complain, I did this to myself.  P.S.  I don’t care for that part of my brain!!

Mostly because that part of my brain forgets about the “why”.  So then I remind myself.  Why are we doing this?  Oh, there are so many reasons!  The biggest are the four children who all seem determined to grow taller than me.  Why are we working so hard?  To change things.  To change our life.  To change their lives.  To change our family tree.

If they have the knowledge that we didn’t have; then they won’t have to make the same mistakes that we made.  If we can teach them better ways of budgeting and staying out of debt; then they won’t ever have to work as much as we do.  We’ve been turning this very large ship for the last several years.  And we’re still working on it!  Dave Ramsey’s baby steps work!  When we first finished baby step #2, it seemed like it would all be downhill!  And it is definitely better!  But there are still lots of other steps to go!

Tonight I choose to be thankful for the opportunity to work so much to help change the future for my children.  I am thankful for having my own businesses that allow me to be home working and still being with my family a good part of the time.  I am so thankful for the weeks when I get enough sleep!!!

Oh, and camera filters.  I am thankful for camera filters 🙂  You can’t tell exactly how tired I look here 🙂  Yay filters!


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