Here is the progression:

1) new printer comes to the office
2) I get nervous that cats might ruin the new printer with cat hair or other cat like things
3) a giant llama is won at the fair
4) giant llama sits on the printer to deter cats.  This works great!
5) with giant llama in the office, kiddo brings down giant panda to keep llama company
6) panda becomes a staple in the office, used like a beanbag chair by kiddos
7) panda becomes deflated and a little dirty living on the floor
8) panda is too big for washing machine.  I start to brainstorm.
9) the space between the copy machine and the heater in the wall is limited
10) to the rescue with narrow chair that reclines
11) amazon delivers today
12) chair is put together and placed in panda’s old spot
12a) panda is in a plastic bag waiting for a trip to the laundry-mat some day
13) I say to hubster “try out the chair”

Tonight I am thankful that the new chair is a hit!  I may need to brainstorm to keep snoring to a minimum here in the office.  But the chair was cheap, comfy, and doesn’t block the heater!  Yay!


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