Felicia, my van, has needed new shoes (tires) for awhile.  She needed to have her hair done (rear spoiler).  She was over-due for a tummy cleanse (oil change).  And she needed a new inhaler (air filter).  And a few other things.

I’ve been putting it off.  This morning I got a traffic alert about icy roads and a multiple car accident.  That got me nervous.  Felicia’s shoes are pretty darn bad.  Well, it was time to take Felicia in for a spa day!

I texted the hubster who was able to take a long lunch to meet me while we dropped off Felicia.

Tonight I am thankful that hubster was able to take a long lunch today, since this was a last minute decision that it was unsafe to wait any longer.  And I am thankful for the wonderful team at Liskey’s in Lansing for taking good care of Felicia!


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