You Don’t Have to Be There

I’ve seen this article floating around the internet titled “Parents, Going to Every One of Your Kids’ Games Matters More Than You Know”.  I skimmed thru the article.  And, well, I have another opinion.

See, when I was in school my parents did not come to every one of my games.  And I am perfectly fine.  I still knew they cared about me.  I still knew they believed in me.  I knew I could rely on them.  I knew they were always there for me.  And I still knew that I mattered to them more than anything.

My mom and I had a conversation.  She told me, I will come to some of the games.  And if you want me to come to more games, you just let me know.

Do you know what that taught me?  First, I was doing this for me.  My mom was and always will be my biggest fan.  She didn’t need to sit there, exhausted, sitting on a bleacher, to prove that to me.  I had nothing to prove to her.  I tried my best with what I did because it is what I wanted.  And when I got home and told her about it; she was thrilled for me and so proud!

Second, my mom is wonderful at self-preservation.  I still have a lot to learn on that front!  My mom got up every morning around 5am (if I remember correctly).  She was pretty good at making sure that she wasn’t running herself in to the ground (as I tend to do).  Do you know what that conversation she had with me meant?  She was setting her boundary of what she needed for a healthy life.  And she told me that she would push that boundary if it was that important to me.  What a terrific example of a healthy boundary and love!!  I didn’t want her to be an exhausted zombie and I wasn’t doing the sport for the support from her.  I was doing it for me.  And when I wanted her in the stands because one game was more important than another game; I told her.  And she was there.

Parents please don’t believe an article on the internet for how to be an awesome parent.  Talk to your kid open and honestly.  They are going to be your absolute best way to know how to be an awesome parent!!

Tonight I am thankful that my mom was NOT at every single one of my games.  I think she taught me a lot more of useful life lessons by NOT making her world revolve around mine! 🙂


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