The One!

There is a family that I’ve been helping look for a house for some time now.  This family has some particular needs in their future home.

Finally!  Tonight!  We found it!  I arrived before they did, turned on lights, and stared at this home; just knowing that how much the family would love it!  Sometimes, as an agent, I fall in love with the house for the family.  That may sound silly.  But it has happened several times now.  After spending enough time, seeing houses together, and getting to know people; sometimes I walk in to a house now and get that feeling . . that, “this is the one” feeling!

Now we have to get it for them.  Game On!

Tonight I am thankful for finding a great home for a wonderful family!  I am thankful for the chance to fight for this family!  We will win!  This is where my naturally stubborn and creative side shines!  We’ll have the best offer . . we have to!

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