Nice Lady

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  Her family had moved over the summer and she was starting first grade in a new school.  The new school was weird.  It was a much smaller school in a little town.  It seemed that all the kids already knew each other.  Some were related and some had been friends for years already.  The little girl felt out of place.

There was a lady who worked at the school.  She was in the lunch room walking around.  And she was out on the playground at recess.  The lady was very nice.  Year after year, the little girl felt safe at school around the lady.

The little girl grew up and had kiddos of her own.  The kiddos went to school and the same nice lady was there!  She didn’t work with the school as much as she used to.  But she was there, being a nice lady to the now-grown-up-little girl’s kiddos.

The lady retired from the school.  A couple years passed.  The lady was now ready to move away from the smaller school in the little town.  And the now-grown-up-little girl could help the lady sell her home!  The now-grown-up-little girl did a little extra to help the nice lady get ready to sell her home.  She was glad she could help the lady who was so nice to her all those years ago!

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to help a woman who left such kindness in my life!  I am thankful that she trusts me to help with things in her home.  And I am thankful that I don’t fully think I broke my toe this evening when I dropped a heavy metal object on it while prepping the house.  And if I did break my toe, I’m thankful next week is not a full work week . . my toe will appreciate that.

P.S.  Please check out the new listing that will be online tomorrow morning 🙂


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