A few weeks ago I sent the hubster a text.  I told him I thought we should buy a box truck.  I like to think that I keep his life exciting with my many ideas!!  A family member was  selling one of his old work trucks for pretty cheap!

We’ve been working on a plan for the hubster.  It’s a multi-year plan.  But this truck could help!  We can move refrigerators and tall things to new rental properties in it!  We can move . . anything we want!  Hay for the animals, straw, barn siding, the possibilities are endless!

Tonight we picked up the new-to-us box truck!  It was quite a ride home.  I haven’t driven a box truck in a long time, like twenty years I think!  The headlights weren’t the best, it definitely needs new windshield wipers, and an alignment.  But, it was cheap!

Tonight I am thankful for our new box truck!  It needs a little TLC.  But it will be good for what we want!

P.S.  The hubster suggested (jokingly) that maybe I should take it Black Friday shopping!  Ohhh!  Think of the deals I could partake in!!  But, really I don’t want to maneuver it around all the shoppers!  Maybe next year after I’ve had more drive time with it 😉


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