In the Night

Last night I got up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So many things going thru my head, but one thought more than others.

Tonight I am thankful that where I stop, God is there.  When I can’t seem to get thru to my children, God is there.  I am thankful for prayer, since God can do so much more than me.  I am thankful that God knows how to touch the hearts of my children and guide them in a way that I never can.

And I am thankful for a story that I remember hearing when I was a tweenager:  a pastor of a very large church shared his story.  He used to be in every bar, in every fight, and in every bad place.  He knew about God.  He was raised to know God.  But he fought God at every turn.  There was a time in his life when he kept having Christians and loved ones crossing his path, sharing God’s love with him.  And he cried out to God, “Why won’t you leave me alone?!?!”  And he heard God answer in his soul and say, “Because your mother is in my face every single day about you!”

People will believe what they will.  I believe God does talk to people, mostly like the Bible says, in a “still, small voice”.  And I am sure that God has a sense of humor!  But I am mostly sure that the Bible is true when it talks about praying for others.  God loves us all.  But he isn’t pushy.  Praying for others helps pave a path for God to work in lives in a way that we can’t fully understand.  And to my babies; I will never stop praying for you ❤

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