Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, Eve!!!

People keep asking, are you ready?  Hey, I’ve even asked people, are you ready?

Here’s the truth of it.  It doesn’t matter.

This year I won’t have everything all ready.  But I’m doing my best, and that’s ok.

We haven’t made Christmas cookies yet.  But that’s ok, there’ll be plenty to eat.

I have no idea if I have all my shopping done.  But that’s ok, there’s plenty of presents.

The house is not sparkly clean.  But that’s ok, we’re above hoarder status.

I haven’t mailed out Christmas cards yet.  But that’s ok, if they get to people after Christmas; I’ll simply be extending the Christmas season!

Tonight I am thankful that Christmas is more than the traditions.  I love the traditions, don’t get me wrong!  But I won’t let the stress of them ruin the days before Christmas.  Christmas is about so much more than the cards, the cookies, the presents, and the calendar.  Christmas is about God loving us so much that he sent his son.  God is about love.  Christmas is about love.  And our Christmas in this house will be about love ❤

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