Ready – Set – Change!

Preparations for the New Year have begun!

A very wise kiddo pointed out that many New Years resolutions are too big.

I am guilty of setting big resolutions.  And then I just throw my efforts hard at the idea!  That has worked pretty well for me over the years.  Except, when my resolutions got bigger than me.  In recent years my dreams have grown bigger than me.  And I’ve needed help.

A few years ago I made a wonderful decision to learn better things.  Overall, I have improved.  But, I have a lot of room to be better!  Really I need about 12 more hours in each day.  As that is not possible, I just need to do better.

So this year, ah this new year, a big goal is to be more disciplined with my attention, more intentional with my time, and more nice to myself.  It is time to re-read Boundaries.  My life has proved that you can set wonderful goals and go after them with great efforts, and still fall short when you don’t take care of yourself.  I don’t need a new year to realize this.  But I’m taking the new year as a new reason to make a better plan and do a better follow-thru.

Tonight I am thankful for a moment on the calendar to remind us to dream, plan, and decide that we are the change we need to happen!



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