There are days that I sit at my computer all day long.  Eight to Twelve hours a day, stopping to run kids places, and that’s about it.  Those are not fun days.

Besides the mental strain, eye strain, and overall crappiness of days like that; I have been transforming in to a slug.  I have absolutely no excuse.  I have a motorized desk that allows me to stand up or sit down.  I haven’t used it to stand up in awhile.  I have a half-ball that sits in my chair for me to sit on to use core muscles.  I haven’t used it in awhile.

It’s me.  The problem is me.  I get tired.  I get determined to get everything done.  I get side tracked.  I get anything but inspired to move.

And I’ve noticed.  I’ve started working out again and it is pitiful – for now.  I’ll get better!

I saw a post on Facebook from a friend who had a work-out goal.  And I had an idea.  Besides healthy eating, healthy habits, etc. (which are totally changes I am making); what if I committed to work out at least 15 minutes a day, every single day this year.  It won’t matter if I’m sick, if I’m tired, if I’m busy.  No excuses.  Fifteen minutes is not long.  Even if I get the flu and have to live on the couch, I could do leg lifts for fifteen minutes!

Consistency is not always my specialty.  But in 2011 I had an idea to write something I was thankful for each day in a blog.  You know, one of those 365 day challenges.  😉  It changed my life.  And I have now written something that I am thankful for, for NINE years!  Holy Smoke!  3,285 blogs!!!

I can surely commit 15 minutes a day for 365 days.  Some days might be a little lame.  But, I’ll do something every day!

Tonight I am thankful for committing myself to fifteen minutes a day for every day of this year.  Today was a 60-minute jump time at DEFY (formerly District 5).  That was a work-out for sure!  (P.S. There is a Groupon available for DEFY if anyone is interested).  I am aware that not every day will be as fun as today.  But the decision is made!  I’ve decided!  Fifteen minutes . . I can do that . . .


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