My husband is a snorer.  He has kept me awake more times than I’d like to count.  We have a white noise machine that works fairly well at drowning him out.

Since his surgery he has been sleeping in his recliner with his knee up.  Last night he came back to bed.  And the white noise machine was dying.  Have you ever slept next to a locomotive filled with dying cows?  That was the equivalent of my sleeping last night.  I’m tired.

Years ago the hubster was sent a referral for a sleep study.  He called to make the appointment and the place never called back.  So he gave up.  I’ve encouraged him to try again ever since that time . .  years ago.

Tonight I am thankful that the hubster has agreed to try again with the sleep study.  And I am thankful for Amazon Prime delivering a new white noise machine in record time.  Now please excuse me, I must run off to sleep and try to get in some quality sleep before the snore machine gets tired!!

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