My job allows for lots of opportunities for my family to help me.  Sometimes it’s a choice, they can come work with Mom and make money.  Or sometimes it is mandatory.  Like tonight.  Hey, we picked you up from your after school activity with a van full of stuff for a house; so you are coming along and helping.

Tonight’s task only took about a half hour.  My child who tagged along requested Subway please; as no cash was being offered.  I suppose I can work Subway in to our agenda and budget in the upcoming week.

Some day I hope the kiddos can look back and be thankful that mom’s business allowed for their first jobs to be so multi-faceted!  Not every first job teaches you how to paint, hang lattice, and decorate.  Not every first job allows you to be paid in either money, Pringles, or Subway!

Tonight I am thankful for family help with my business!  It gets done so much faster with help!  And it helps them have opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have!

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