A Lot of A Little

The hubster and I had to go to Home Depot this evening.  On our way there, I mentioned that I had two different gift cards in my purse.  We decided to make it a Home Depot date night!

I think the gift card we chose may have been riding around in my purse since our anniversary!  We went to Outback and of course the menu looked good.  But nothing was really jumping out at me . . except for all the side dishes.

The hubster and I had a wonderful dinner filled with appetizers and side dishes!  Steak Quesadilla, cheese fries, regular fries, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and potato soup filled our table!  We shared all the dishes and nibbled until our tummies were full and happy!

Tonight I am thankful for an impromptu dinner date of little things to eat with the hubster!  It was yummy! And of course great company to dine with!!



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