Toxic Air

There was a mishap in the kitchen today.

The children have been slacking on their chores.  The kitchen counters are filled with stuff.  The stove was also filled with stuff.  Why don’t I just go clean it, you may ask?  Because it is not my chore right now!  I know as mom that I’ll get stuck with it eventually.  But, I gotta give the kids time to try and catch up on their chores.

I already have them paying me right now for my laundry services!  This is after me doing the laundry, being completely taken for granted, quitting all laundry except my own, and watching the dirty laundry explode in the following weeks.  It only seemed logical to me that if I was getting stuck doing their chores, that they could pay me!  So we’ve been doing that.

Anyway, back to the kitchen, the kitchen is a mess.  I try to walk thru the room with blinders on.  Today a child wanted space to do something food related.  They pushed the air fryer back on the stove to clear a space for them to do whatever they were doing.  They didn’t realize that they pushed the air fryer in to the stove knob.  They had turned on the stove and by the time I smelled it; they had melted the bottom of the air fryer to the stove burner.

It was an accident.  It was an accident that could have been prevented should the children have done their chores and kept the kitchen counter cleared so there was room to prepare food.  It was an accident that could have been prevented should the person who had the air fryer out, taken care of it when they were done using it.  I know the child felt bad.  I hope the children all learned from this accident.  I don’t think it’s sank in what could have happened here to all the children, so we will talk more about this in the days to come.

Tonight I am thankful that all we had was a smelly, slightly toxic house.  We opened the windows and ran away from home for a bit to let the air clear out.  I am thankful we didn’t have a fire.  I am thankful that stove burners and air fryers are replaceable.  And I am thankful that we are all ok.  My nose is slightly stuffy.  I can tell you that I did not smell that thing melting/burning right away.  It was quite hot and melty.  I don’t know how long it takes for an air fryer to catch on fryer when it is being cooked on a stove burner.  And I am thankful that today was not the day for me to find out how long!

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