Yesterday we lost a beloved member of the family.  This has been particularly hard on one of my kiddos.  So we are working on being thankful.

Today we remembered to be thankful that Sunny Bunny was such a good bunny.  He never bit anyone (except for me once, and it was my fault).  He loved to snuggle.  He loved grapes and Berry Cheerios.

Today we remembered to be thankful for the day we got Sunny Bunny.  The hubster and I had agreed NO bunnies would be in the house!  But my one kiddo loved bunnies and dreamed of one.  When I walked all the kiddos in to the farm store and they all asked if they could pool their money to buy the bunny for the youngest kiddo . . . well, I couldn’t say no.  I remember calling the hubster and telling him we were getting a bunny.  He said, I don’t want one.  I said, I don’t want one either!!  Little did we know, Sunny Bunny would win everyone over!  The hubster loved him too!

Tonight I am thankful that Sunny Bunny lived a good life here in our house.  He never did get a wife and children – as the kids had asked multiple times!  And I am thankful that he was happy living his life as a bachelor surrounded by his cat and dog friends; and his loving people family.


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