My cousin has made really cool photo books for my grandma for a few years now.  My grandma loves them!  The books look great!!

We have found a use for photo books in business, which has been exciting.  It’s a rather new thing for me.

Today I was on Shutterfly checking things out and there was a 40% off promo!!  As I was clicking around, I found a Disney Themed book!  Hmm . . we have some pretty neat pictures from our Disney vacation last year!  That was such a huge vacation for us!  I planned that for years, we worked and saved to pay cash for it, and I researched the heck out of budget friendly ways to do a Disney vacation!!  It was so wonderful!

Tonight I am thankful that the 40% off promo inspired me to make a Disney photobook for our family on Shutterfly!!!  I haven’t made a book for myself yet.  I am so excited!!!  Now I have to try and forget about it so I don’t stalk the mailman in between now and whenever it is ready!! 🙂


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