Where the Focus Is

A few weeks back I bought a bag.  I was planning a trip.  And I needed a bag that would look business-like, but have room for all my stuff.  I would be at a conference all day and then head to the airport on the day I would come back home.  So I needed a bag to have at the conference that wouldn’t give away that I wasn’t going back to the hotel.

Now I have an extra bag.  It is a nice bag.  And I’m sure I’ll use it some time.

And if that is the worst of all that I experience during this time, then I could myself truly blessed!

There is so much going on.  And I know that at its worst, this is a deadly, suffering time.  But, you don’t have to stare at the bad to acknowledge and care for the people involved in that space.  It is the difference between being focused and having on blinders.  I am focused on finding the good and counting my blessings.  I am focused, but I see the sidelines of where I am looking.  If I had blinders on, I wouldn’t see that.  I do see it.

But today I also saw people out walking.  So many people on a Wednesday!  It was great!  I’ve read articles of companies putting people’s welfare above their bottom line.  I’ve read wonderful things and not-so wonderful things.  I choose to focus on the wonderful.  The food being offered, the care being offered, the compassion being offered.

This virus is bad.  So, by my logic, this virus is not from God.  The Bible says that everything good comes from God.  This is bad, so it’s not from God.  But God can use this bad thing and make good come of it.  That is God’s specialty.  He takes what is messed up and makes it wonderful.  And that is what he is doing.  Focusing on the good is a great way to look at this whole thing.

Tonight I am thankful that although my bag sits empty, my heart sits fuller than it was when I looked out my window a week ago!  People caring for each other; and caring for total strangers is a wonderful, beautiful sight!

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