I have this child with a birthday in April.  This is a child that looks forward to his birthday all year long.  Seriously, as soon as his birthday celebration is over, he starts planning for the next birthday!

So, this social distancing is being problematic for his birthday planning.  We talked that is might be quite awhile before being out and about.  And now he is dreaming about summertime birthday celebrations.

I’ve been in a good amount of pain these last few days.  And really not remembering all of his 101 ideas.  So today he got his own little notebook.  It even has tabs, so he can organize all of his birthday ideas!

This particular child is very good at holding me to things, “But, you said Maybe!”  or “You said Probably!”.  I can’t give him any answers right now.  And if I give him an answer that hints at any one direction, he takes it and runs with it.  So, Yay for the birthday notebook!

Tonight I am thankful for a birthday notebook to keep my sanity and keep my excited birthday boy on track for delayed birthday celebrations!



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