Real estate appraisers are considered essential under the governor’s orders because they support bank loans.  I’ve been going in to empty houses only.  With more and more information coming out about how long the virus can stay in the air, I’ve been wondering if that is even a smart move.  Sometimes homeowners are just going out in their back yards or sitting in their cars.

I have multiple masks here already.  We do a good deal of house renovations.  And I go in to severely moldy houses on a regular basis.  But, with the way this virus acts, I needed different masks.

A friend has been making masks.  I saw this a few days ago and wanted to give her some elastic.  Turns out I didn’t very helpful elastic.  And I didn’t really want to ask for a mask.  I mean, I’m helping people with their homes.  I’m not a nurse or a doctor.

My sweet friend let me have two masks today!  I can have one to wear one while one is in the wash throughout the week!  I am so happy!

Tonight I am thankful for my wonderful friend letting me have two masks!  I am so thankful!  🙂  🙂   And, aren’t they pretty?  🙂


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