I still think that one of the best things that God ever did to allow me a better understand of his heart was to allow me to be a mother.  God loves us and is hopeful that we will choose good things.

Sometimes I give my kids a directive.  And I let them go.  I see the child that may not be doing what I asked.  And perhaps I don’t say something right away.  Then I have another child telling me about the non-obeying child.  I tell them ok.  I don’t need to explain myself, I’m mom.  And then I watch the actions of the non-obeying child break down the attitude of the obeying child who told me what  they saw and expected me to act instantly.  It saddens my heart.

I never tell the children “no tattling”.  That has bothered me since I was a child.  You are basically leaving a child feeling powerless against wrongs and sending them back to play with.  I do tell my children to come to me.  And then I tell them to trust me to handle it.  There have been many times that they don’t feel that I am acting quick enough or hard enough.  But there are many times that I can see something that they don’t.

This is how God sees us at a much, much greater level.  He sees his children doing good.  He sees his children doing bad.  He tells us to come to him and tell him the things that bother us.  But then he tells us to TRUST him that he can handle things in the best way; with knowledge and understanding that we don’t have.  And just as a child has difficulty when their sibling is doing wrong and not immediately punished; we, as adults, have difficulty when we don’t have a front row seat to watch God handle someone else.

The Bible is very clear.  God is the one whose job is to handle the wrong things.  Our job is to love one another.  Our job is not to be doormats.  Our job is to be prudent, watchful, compassionate, set boundaries, and first and foremost to love one another.

Tonight I am thankful that the blog that I started to write is not the blog that I wrote.  I want to whine a little.  I want to bring people to light who are choosing petty paths and twisting facts.  But, that isn’t my place.  And that isn’t my job.  So I will pray for them.  And I will pray for forgiveness on my first reaction here.  My job is to love.  My job is to love with compassion and wisdom.  I can do that . . . with God’s help I can do that.

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