I have always loved to drive.  The driving part of my job has been my quiet time, my “me” time, and my sanity time for . . oh, about fifteen years.

A good chunk of the world right now has transitioned to working from home.  And this can be difficult in houses with kids, houses with pets, houses with doorbells, or you know, just any ole’ house!

I enjoy a good bubble bath, but those aren’t always peaceful.  Just beyond the door can be noise and distractions.  Going for a drive and putting a cell phone on silent can be great!

I know not everyone can go out for a drive right now.  A walk out in nature is great.  I know not everyone can get away for a walk right now.

But somewhere, in your life right now is a space where you can find your quiet time.  It is important!  Don’t underestimate it!

Tonight I am thankful for a nice drive in the sunshine today.  The scenery was beautiful, I took the back way to my appointment.  It was peaceful and wonderful!



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