The hubster needed a new phone.  He was trying to see how long he could make his cell phone last 🙂  He was at five years!  The phone has not put itself in retirement by refusing to download any new apps.

We ordered the hubster’s new phone over the weekend.  I burn thru phones about every two years.  I use my phone a LOT for work.  And I just run them in to the ground.  My phone should last another six months or so.  While we were online ordering, there was a great deal for me too.  So I hopped on the bandwagon while they were offering me hundreds of dollars off.

This goofy phone puts make-up on me thru the regular camera app!!  I don’t know whether to be insulted or happy with the filtered photo!!

Tonight I’ll be thankful that if I feel like taking a selfie without make-up, my new phone’s got my back!  I’m going to have to play with this camera for sure!  I wonder if it will put shutters on a house or fix cracks in a driveway!!!  People might really like that!!



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