For his birthday dinner, my birthday boy wanted Pizza Hut.  I told him there was not a big chance of that!  I was not going to drive 20 minutes one way to get Pizza Hut during a quarantine time!  Even last weekend, we were trying out imitation Pizza Hut recipes for their cheese sticks.  I got pretty close!

Then I looked at my schedule today.  I had one appointment this morning . .  and I had to drive right by a Pizza Hut!  I picked up pizzas and cheese sticks and all sorts of yummy things!  It was cold enough outside, I left all the food in my vehicle when I got back.  The birthday boy had no idea!

This evening he asked if I ordered pizza from Hungry Howies instead.  I told him, I had forgotten.  I asked him to go see what pizza we had in the freezer.  He went down to check, we only had one pizza in the freezer.  He was trying to stay optimistic.

I sent him on a task in a different part of the house and the other kiddos ran out and got the Pizza Hut food.  I called the birthday boy and everyone in to the dining room to “decide what we would order from Hungry Howies”.  The birthday boy came in and saw all the boxes!  He was so happy!

Tonight I am thankful to be able to surprise the birthday boy with his requested food for his birthday!  It was good!  Everyone was stuffed!!!  And the birthday boy enjoyed all his food!



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