Incentive / Harvesting . . .

As my kiddos have gotten older, some of my parenting techniques aren’t as applicable to every day life.  But here’s one, “Incentive Parenting”.  This is what I call bribing the children.

Bribing has such a negative connotation.  It is encouraging, motivating, and setting a reward for hitting a goal!  When it comes to kiddos, adults act like this is a bad thing.  But that is just silly.  Adults do this all the time!

Some places of work give “bonuses” if you hit a certain work goal.  If you do good with driving, you can get a break on your insurance!  If you get all the punches on your coffee punch card, you get a free coffee.  Incentives!

In today’s episode of Incentive Parenting, I was looking for something to keep my kiddo-most-prone-to-straying-from-schoolwork focused on the new school routine.  So far so good.  He actually left the room telling the hubster to turn off the movie!  Hubster wouldn’t turn off the movie, so kiddo went to the dining room table for awhile.  This is a HUGE deal!  Leaving an action movie with dad to do school work at the table is about as odd around here as one of the cats NOT knocking things off my desk!

So we have a goal!  Keep up on school work without mom having to threaten to duct-tape the computer to your hands, end the school year well, and a coveted item that was previously denied will be delivered to our doorstep.  Viola!  I then talked to the other kiddos and said, set your goal!  What would help motivate you?  What is a good “bonus” item to celebrate a successful end of the school year?  They are thinking on it!

Tonight I am thankful that Santa had a good plan . . be good to get your present!  Really this works everywhere, remember that if you start to feel like you are just “bribing”.  This is how it goes; incentives (of all kinds) motivate action!!  Welcome to life!  Why do you plant a garden? For the harvest!  Go ahead and call this a harvest if you’d like – Harvest Parenting . . . but that sounds a little like cannibalism . . . I’ll stick with Incentive Parenting!


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