Getting Back

Today I took my planner out.  It felt pretty good.

There have been weeks and weeks of so much to do and changes in every day life that I’ll admit, I left my plans of organization and just started chasing after the things that needed to be done.  I know this road though.  I’ve surely been down it enough.  If you go chasing after the things that scream for your attention; you will always be exhausted and never feel satisfied with the day.

So here I go.  In the past week I’ve given some morning time to myself with some work out time.  I’ll keep that up and add in some planning and organization.  Baby Steps.  I can do this.

Tonight I am thankful for little life resets when I get a little too far off my plan.  The kids coming home and a huge rush of work stuff threw me off.  But I’m getting back to my 2020 goal of better organization and daily priorities.

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