Always Something

One year ago today I was FREEZING.  There was a LATE track meet that went until after 10pm.  It was cold and rainy.  That is what I remember about high school track season myself, cold and rain.  And for my son, last year, there was cold and rain.  I don’t even remember how my son did that night.  I just remember the cold and rain.

We had noticed a mama bird tending to her babies under the bleachers.  She didn’t pick the most socially distanced place to make her nest.  But we weren’t really socially distancing last year.  After the people left, my son and I snuck up to peak at the babies.  That was a nice moment.

Earlier that day, last year, I had taken my mom out for her birthday.  She had a milestone birthday last year.  And we went on a little adventure!  This year for her birthday I got to see her and wish her Happy Birthday; but not stand too close to her or hug her.

This morning I was so proud of myself for getting up and doing my yoga on a day when Moms should be sleeping in!  It was during my work-out that I figured out why my wrist has been hurting a lot more this week.  I moved my planks up to my hands, from previous weeks of being on my forearms.  Drrrr.  It took me all week to figure out this was what was hurting my healing wrist!

Tonight I am thankful that when everything in life that may seem not-right.  There is always something good.  On a cold, rainy, late track meet one year ago, we saw baby birds.  With a milestone, adventurous birthday last year for my mommy; this year we at least got to see her in person.  And on a special day like Mother’s Day, I figured out I’ve been hurting myself all week . . I told the kiddos I couldn’t be smart all the time – that would be setting unrealistic expectations for life 🙂  Oh my kids, of course this Mother’s Day I am very thankful for them 🙂  They are always something good in life!!!

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