I’ve had today planned since last week.  I kept today open with work because I wanted to take the kiddos out of here!

The plans were leaked last night and there was some whining.  Last night I almost called it off, irritated that the first reaction of teenagers is to whine.  Then I remembered that well . . the first reaction of teenagers is usually to whine.

This morning I woke the kiddos up.  They were not happy to be woken up.  I told them the plans.  They were not happy.  I told them if they came along nicely that I would buy them lunch.

That was it.  Lunch.  Food.  Teenagers and food.  I sometimes remember how to speak their language!

Tonight I am thankful that although we had a rocky start, the kiddos and I had a nice time leaving the house today.  We walked in the wood, by a river, and had a wonderful time!  And then yes, I bought them lunch.  My picnic idea from a few days ago probably wouldn’t have enticed them like the drive-thru A&W.  A&W worked!  And they really did enjoy themselves 🙂


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