We haven’t been letting the kiddos outside of the house much at all lately.  Today I finally had to give in and go the grocery store.  Typically I enjoy grocery shopping.  But, ya know, it’s just been weird lately.  One kiddo asked if she could go and we said yes.  Of course she had to wear a mask.

I am fairly oblivious of other people in public.  Please keep this in mind if you ever see me out and about!  I am just not that observant.  My kiddo is super-observant!  I know people have given looks and made comments about our grocery cart before.  But I don’t really don’t let it bother me.  People have made comments about my cart long before this virus stuff!  I used to grocery shop with two carts!  I only do that for special sales now a-days.

Tonight I am thankful that our house is re-stocked and we are ready for the week ahead!  I am also thankful for the people in the store who don’t care that our cart was heaping over by the time we got to the check-out!  I will say a little prayer for the people who were bothered by our over-filling cart – what my family eats on a regular basis should be the least of their life’s worries!  We’re all good over here! 🙂

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