I had another Zoom meeting today.  An hour and a half of a fantastic group of business leaders from across the country!  I am very excited to be in this group!  And I am excited to learn new things!

Now, let’s be honest about Zoom.  I loved the great conversation today with people!  There were great ideas shared, I have a bunch of things to research more!  But, I am used to NOT meeting with people in person, or seeing them.  I do more email groups, webinars, messaging, etc.

So, I set up my camera before the meeting.  What can you see behind me?  I moved my electric shaver box that came in from amazon.  I moved my bottle of goat dewormer.  And I moved the cat . . about five times.  I poured my drink in to a cup with a straw, so I didn’t gulp in front of people.  And there, I was ready.  I think it went well.  During the zoom call, having to look at my own face for a long period of time, I noticed how my eyebrows are shaped differently than all the other people on the Zoom call . . hmm . . what are fashionable eyebrows anymore?  I’m not sure I know.  I just kinda tidy up what I have on my face.  “Hmmm . . and they move funny when I look over there” – WAIT, everyone else can see me.  Look serious!  Smile a little!  Look smart!

About five minutes after the Zoom call ended, the cat coughed up a hairball by my foot.  I was so thankful that didn’t happen during the Zoom call!  I would have jumped up, and I didn’t clear the space directly in back of me in the camera’s view!  They would have seen my colorful clothespins, my can of spray paint, and my Elderberry gummies.  It’s a home office everyone!  I have a little bit of everything!  Earlier this week I found a random fork under my chair.  I hadn’t eaten anything with a fork!  I do have four kiddos.  They must have been in here earlier that day.

Tonight I am thankful for technology!  I am excited for the next several months in this group of people.  And I am looking forward to learning from them.  I am also thankful that on screen, with a little prep work, no one can tell that my office also has a chicken nesting box that I need to put together, a paint sprayer, and a cat littler bag.  I have quite a to-do list still!



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