Woo Hoo!! Hooray!!

What a great day!  It is the end of the school year!!  Hooray!!

The kiddos and I have tried to do something special every year on the last day of school.  This year ended a little differently.  So we decided on breakfast!!  Seriously, what other last school day could have a McDonald’s breakfast at a decent hour?

Oh yeah, the hour.  Well, these kiddos aren’t used to being early birds anymore.  So we waited until the end of the breakfast window at gold ole’ Mickey D’s!  It was yummy!

With our food in hand, we were off to the school!  The drive-up service at the school was top-notch!  I did find out that my kiddos were not accurate in remembering what library books they had at home.  (Thankfully we have no seniors in this house, so the books can be returned when the kids go back to school).  The kids had a good time looking at the things they had left in their lockers and reading comments from their teachers on how they did this year.  Good job school!  It was quick and painless!

Tonight I am thankful for the last day of school!  Three out of four kiddos in this house did online school without much trouble.  That fourth kiddo . . well . . we now know what to work on if we have to do online school again!  That fourth kiddos is thankful that today is the last day of school as well!

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