Labor of Love

Tomorrow my dear, sweet Gramma (that’s how she spells it), turns 94!!

With all the virus stuff, I can’t go see her.  I’ve been by her a few times in the past couple months.  But, there’s been a window between us.

94 is pretty darn impressive!!  So what can you do for a lady who doesn’t really need anything, loves her family to pieces, and would like nothing more than to visit with everyone?  We got creative!

My wonderful, amazing family took videos of themselves wishing Gramma a Happy Birthday!  My teenage tech-support helped strengthen my video skills to put videos of differing file types together.  And I learned a new App to record a family member’s voice who can’t do video.  We put it all together and I think the end result is pretty darn good!

Tonight I am thankful that we pulled together and made a wonderful video to surprise Gramma tomorrow on her birthday!!!  She’s gonna LOVE IT!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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