Musical Truck

There are times in my childhood that lived or stayed in areas with ice cream trucks.  I don’t have a ton of memories of getting ice cream from the ice cream truck.  But the memories that I have of it are wonderful!

Now, as an adult living in the country, I think the equivalent is the Schwan’s man.  He brings ice cream!  (He comes next week!)

I’ll tell you I never would have been able to predict what a professional distraction ice cream trucks are!  I’ll be in the city appraising a house as an appraiser, or showing a house as a real estate broker, and I hear that magical little tune coming down the street.  It gets me.  Every. Single. Time.  And I start thinking, I wonder if I could just casually flag the ice cream truck down . . maybe if I offered to buy an ice cream for whatever client / homeowner I am with . . maybe they wouldn’t see it as unprofessional if I shared?  Hmm

Tonight I am thankful for the times in my childhood when I could run up to the ice cream truck and get ice cream!!  I will also be thankful for the day that I just can’t take it anymore and I throw my clipboard down and run down the street while being a “professional” to catch the musical truck and it’s yummy goodies!!


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