We got an awesome deal on a pool last year!  It was fantastic!  For the winter, we drained most of the water out of the pool.  The giant winds this spring grabbed our pool and broke it.  Poor pool 😦

Right now the same pool is over 3x what we paid for it last year. There is a huge demand for pools with everything going on in the world.  So, we won’t be replacing the pool right now.

Today a kiddo put on his swimming trunks and asked around the house until he found someone to spray him with the hose.  He sure sounded like it was cold! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful that happiness is what you make of it!  We could choose to be mad at the wind for breaking the pool.  Or mad at the pool company for not making the pool not able to withstand the wind.  We could be personally offended that they would dare provide such a product and take it as a personal insult to our family!  We could turn ourselves in to martyrs of price inflation and yell about the unfairness of price gouging. Or we can just be happy we had some fun in the pool last summer and decide to turn on the hose and enjoy the cold water on a hot day!  I like the later.  I choose peace and enjoyment in life!


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