We still aren’t ready for much people-ing.  The hubster has a hard enough time breathing without any crappy viruses.  We both have worked thru all of this and used as many precautions as logically possible.  The hubster has even been diffusing essential oils at work (Thieves has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties).  I never thought I would have seen the day that the hubster would be excited about his own oil diffuser to take to work.  But a few months ago, he sure was!

Anyway, when I said I wanted to go to the lake, the hubster wasn’t completely on board.  We agreed on a small beach area, and earlier in the day.

When we arrived this morning, there was only one other family present.  And we were a nice, safe distance away from them.  After awhile there were several people.  We didn’t stay super-duper long.  No cook-outs at the lake today.  But we sure had fun!

Tonight I am thankful for a quick get-away to the lake today!  We’ll be doing this again soon!

Can you see my kiddos?  They are the tiny dots out there in the water 🙂



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