Fifteen Years

Today it finally happened.  I’ve been appraising houses for fifteen years now.  That is fifteen road-construction seasons.

Today was the first time that I simply could not get thru to an appointment!

I’ve parked a few blocks away and walked before.  No big deal there.  But today’s appointment was in the country, on a small drive off another road.  I tried three different ways to get around.  But it just wasn’t happening.  The different road construction guys I talked to, at my different thru-attempts, told me to come back in a few hours.  Well, that certainly wasn’t on my schedule!

To the north was a swamp . . couldn’t park somewhere and walk thru that!  To the west and south were lots of heavy machinery and fresh asphalt.  To the east was a solid mile of woods.  There was no where close to park and walk.  I called the people and told them I couldn’t get there today.

Tonight I am thankful that it took fifteen years to have a day like today where I simply couldn’t find a way around.  That is a pretty good run of no road construction stopping me I think!

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