Our second oldest barn cat disappeared late last summer.  She was gone for well over a month.  I assumed she had died.  She is a sweet girl.  But she is the dumbest cat I have ever met.  Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?  She is Dory, but in cat form.

This is the cat that once had kittens next to a hen sitting on eggs.  The hen accepted that the kittens were babies.  But she didn’t like Snoodle, the momma cat.  So she just sat there, pecking Snoodle in the head repeatedly.  What did Snoodle do?  Absolutely nothing.

That time, I moved Snoodle and her babies to a new location.  Snoodle like the secure box that I had found for her in the barn.  So she decided to move the babies . . to the barn rafters!!!!  Maybe she was done with them and wanted them to fall to their untimely demise.  But, she’s not a big thinker.  So I don’t think she really had evil intentions.  She just wasn’t smart enough to figure out that her babies wouldn’t stay on a 2×4’s suspended over concrete . . drrrrr . .

Anyway, last year, she had disappeared.  When she returned, I was happily surprised!!  With her lack of intelligence, I hadn’t had high hopes for her survival away from home.  I brought her inside to give her lots of love and food!  I told the kiddos and the hubster that they were free to take her back outside . . but I just couldn’t do it.

It turns out, they couldn’t kick her out either.  The other indoor cats all have some kind of handicap that keeps them inside.  I guess I could say that Snoodle’s handicap is her intellect . . but she is a very sweet kitty.  So I try not to pick on her too much.  She stays in my office and the basement 99% of the time.  And she is a good office cat!

Tonight I am thankful for Snoodle!  We really have too many cats in the house right now.  But, she just fits in here.  And she is surely a lot safer!  Although . . well . . I saw her jump at the wall a few times and knock herself twirling backwards to land on her back when she couldn’t understand that the wall had no footing for her paws to grab on to.

Here is our selfie photo session tonight.  She didn’t quite get the hang of it.  (And please excuse the pile of stuff in the background!)


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