Down by the River

Once upon a time (around 1950) there was a newly married couple with a baby.  The man was working on a farm and they lived in a farm-owned home.  One day the man got in to a horrible farm accident.  The hospital did not think that the man would live.  The woman and baby moved in with her parents; as the farm needed to deal with the home.

As the man was getting better, the woman had to find them a new place to live.  She went house shopping, not really knowing what in the world she was doing.  A real estate person took advantage of this sweet lady and sold her a house that needed quite a bit of work by a river (remember the river, it is important in this story)!  The lady told me that there were holes in the floor by the toilet that she hadn’t noticed until after she bought it!!

Well the man recovered and eventually got to see the house that his wife had purchased and wasn’t really impressed.  But, he was alive and he was with his family.  All was good!

The couple went on to have more children.  One day a neighborhood child fell in the river and drown.  The man could not stand to live in that house.  They were the second house from the river.  And they had a young child who could easily toddle down and fall in the river himself.  So the little family bought a piece of land in the country, moved in to the garage (with plans to build the house later), and sold the house by the river.

Fast forward approximately 65 – 70 years, this sweet couple’s granddaughter is in real estate!  And one day she gets papers across her desk for a foreclosed home by the river.  The granddaughter talks to her mother, who talks to the grandmother, who remembers that the house was the second from the river.  Yes my friends, the granddaughter is going to get to go in to the house that her sweet grandmother bought decades ago when she was scared and nervous, but trying to make a home for her little family!

To say I’m excited is an understatement!  I can’t wait to see it!

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to see a bit of my family’s history!  Some days my job is the super-coolest thing!


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